Getting Started


Android specific setup

For Android apps, the plugin needs some additional setup. In the MainActivity.OnCreate() before the LoadApplication() call, make a call to:


Plugin API

Adding a shortcut

To add a shortcut, first you need to create a new instance of the Shortcut class and populate it with the information you wish to pin.

using Plugin.AppShortcuts;
using Plugin.AppShortcuts.Icons;


var shortcut = new Shortcut()
    Label = "Shortcut 1",
    Description = "My shortcut",
    Icon = new FavoriteIcon(),
    Uri = "asc://AppShortcutsApp/Detail/shortcut_1_id"

There are a number of supplied icons that you can use, or you can also include a custom icon. Details of how to specify a custom icon can be found here.

Once you have your shorcut object, to add it to the App Icons shortcuts you call:

await CrossAppShortcuts.Current.AddShortcut(shortcut);

Note; you can add as any shortcuts as you wish, but only four will ever be displayed on the homepage. This is not tracked by the plugin.

Discovering shortcuts

The plugin provides a quick way of providing a list of all the current shortcuts.

await CrossAppShortcuts.Current.GetShortcuts();

Removing shortcuts

Each shortcut object is assigned an ID. To remove any given shortcut, call the RemoveShortcut() method with the given shortcut’s ID.

await CrossAppShortcuts.Current.RemoveShortcut("shortcut_1_id");

Checking compatibility

App shortcuts are not supported on Android API level 24 or lower, or on iOS 8 and below. If you try and call this api on an unsupported device, a NotSupportedOnDeviceException.

You can check if app shortcuts are supported on the current device using:


Responding when the app is opened from a shortcut

Each platform handles app shortcuts differently, click here for more information.

To see this in the context of an app, please see the sample provided

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